Athletic Clearance Process

To be cleared to participate on an Athletic team at Washington-Lee High School, the following guidelines need to be met.

    1. The student must be enrolled at W-L, an HB student whose home school is W-L, or an 8th grader who lives within the W-L boundaries. (8th graders are allowed to participate in the high school sports that are not offered at the middle school level)
    2. The Athlete must have a completed VHSL physical form packet. A new physical is needed for each school year. The exam must have been completed after May 1st of the beginning of that school year. For example: if it is currently the 2011-2012 school year, the physical must take place after May 1, 2011. After it is complete, this form must be turned into our Athletic Trainer.
    3. The Arlington Public Schools Parent Athletic Participation Agreement form must be signed and turned in with the VHSL physical form. Both forms are to be submitted to the Athletic Trainer. Before signing this form, please read the following information: Fact Sheet on Concussions for Parents/Guardians and have athletes read the following information: Fact Sheet on Concussions for Students

VHSL Physical & APS Agreement Form

  1. All athletes must have health insurance. Information on school insurance can be found in the Activities Office if needed, or click here: School Accident Insurance
    More detailed information is available here.
  2. The athlete needs to have met the VHSL guidelines to be eligible to participate. There are some exceptions to the rules listed below. An appeal can be considered and granted by the VHSL if an athlete presents a valid, compelling case. The VHSL rules are listed below. If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, more information can be found at the VHSL link on the left or by calling our office.
To be eligible to represent your school in any VHSL interscholastic athletic contest, you …
  • must be a regular bona fide student in good standing of the school you represent.
  • must be enrolled in the last four years of high school. (Eighth-grade students may be eligible for junior varsity.)
  • must have enrolled not later than the fifteenth day of the current semester.
  • must be currently enrolled in not fewer than five subjects.
  • must have passed at least 5 subjects at the conclusion of the last semester.
  • must sit out all VHSL competition for 365 consecutive calendar days following a school transfer unless the transfer corresponded with a family move.
  • must NOT have reached your nineteenth birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school year.
  • must NOT, after entering the ninth grade for the first time, have been enrolled in or been eligible for enrollment in high school more than eight consecutive semesters.
  • must have submitted a completed Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form.
  • must NOT be in violation of VHSL Amateur, Awards, All Star or College Team Rules.