Mission and Vision


Washington-Lee High School


Our mission is to provide a positive climate for supporting the learning potential of all students and to enable our students to be successful members of the global community.


A shared vision is a collaborative sense of direction.  At Washington-Lee we believe we can achieve our best when working together in a caring, stimulating, and safe environment.  It defines our purpose and provides guidelines as to how we, the Washington-Lee community, will embrace the future in the global environment.Just as we value the development of the whole person in our students, we value the on-going development of staff and provide support for their development.  We respect ourselves, students, teachers, and staff.  We take pride in our work and celebrate our accomplishments.We respect, value, and celebrate diverse traditions, beliefs, languages and cultures.  We strive to provide children, and their teachers, opportunities to explore their interests, broaden their horizons and develop their talents and creativity.

Washington-Lee will always pioneer excellence and equity in all of us and for all of us.